Bonnie + Emory :: Savannah GA Wedding Part 2 :: Southern Sophistication

Yesterday we brought you Part 1 of Bonnie + Emory’s beautiful Savannah wedding, and now it’s time for Part 2. Part of the reason we here at OLAS love this wedding so much is because of its southern sophistication. While we may not all live in the deep south any longer, most of us on the OLAS team grew up as GRITS (girls raised in the south) and love us a good southern wedding. Bonnie + Emory’s is the perfect example of how to balance that southern charm with a lot of sophistication. Here are a few tips from your OLAS GRITS:

1. When in doubt, go historical :: We southern folk love our history, and B + E chose both a ceremony and reception site just dripping with it. The chapel is part of the Bethesda Home For Boys School which began as an orphanage for colonial children back in 1740! It has both the distinction for being the oldest child caring institution in the country and was supported by Benjamin Franklin. Amazing. Secondly, they chose the Grand Ballroom at the Olde Pink House for their reception, which was built for one of Savannah’s most prominent founding-family members. Historical? Check, check!

2. Have flower girls, and lots of them :: There just isn’t anything more sweet than a little girl all dressed in white throwing petals around… well, except for maybe three! We southern belles love our traditions and this is one we can’t get enough of. Bonus – have them wear sweet little leafy crowns, they’ll adore you for it and your photos will be doubly precious.

3. Choose a dress that is romantic, but also a little glam :: Bonnie chose a form fitting dress with subtle scalloped edges, a dramatic train, and lots of gorgeous beadwork.  The effect? Classic, romantic, and a statement! GRITS know the importance of standing out in a crowd (especially on your wedding day!), but also the art of never looking like you tried too hard. We all think Bonnie pulled this off flawlessly.

By the way, get ready to be blown away by the couples shots. Our southeastern photographers continually out-do themselves! Amazing.  x’s & o’s

Ceremony: Whitefield Chapel at Bethesda; Reception: The Olde Pink House; Florist: Garden on the Square; Hair/Makeup: JW Salon and Spa; Cake: Baker’s Pride; DJ: First City Events;

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